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走遍美国Country Music 乡间之音 ACT II





Oh, I love it! 哦,我太喜欢了!
I love it! 我太喜欢它了!
To be away from the city on such a beautiful day 在这样美好的一天远离都市
is my idea of heaven! 正是我所想象的天堂!
The grass. The trees. The fresh air. 草地,树木,新鲜空气。
I told you you'd like it. I've been doing this for years. 我说过你会喜欢的。我多年来一直从事这项活动。
You have the spirit of a teenager, Susan. 有一股青少年的朝气,Susan。
Wait till you see yourself jumping around. 等着看你到处乱蹦的样子吧。
That's what I love about Susan. 这就是我喜欢Susan的一点。
She works hard. 工作起来努力。
She plays hard. 玩起来也拼命。
She's a real Stewart. 她是一个真正的Stewart家的人。
Come on, Richard. 过来,Richard。
Help me get this stuff out of the car. 帮我将这些东西拿下车子。
Where does it go? 放在哪儿?
Well, we'll put everything over there. 嗯,我们将所有的东西都放在那边。
We'll set up our tents over there by the edge of the woods. 我们在林边搭帐蓬。
Then we'll be able to make our fire there where it's safe. 然后,我们就可以在那儿找一个安全的地方生火了。
Oh, there's our table and benches. 哦,那是我们的桌子和长板凳。
All set for eating. 吃饭用的东西都摆好了。
That's what makes this spot so good. 那就是为什么这个地点这样好的道理。
Is anybody hungry? 有人饿了?
I am. 我饿了。
We just got here. 我们才刚到这儿。
When you're out in the fresh air like this, it makes you hungry. 当你来外面呼吸这么新鲜的空气时,就很容易饿。
Aren't you hungry, Marilyn? 你不饿吗,Marilyn?
I sure am. 我确实饿了。
How about you, Richard? 你呢,Richard?
Starving. 很饿。
You guys are like three kids. 你们就像三个孩子。
Aren't you hungry, Harry? 你不饿吗,Harry?
Well, yeah. 嗯,饿啊。
Now that you mention it, I guess I am. 你们一提到我想我也饿了。
I mean, 我的意思,
how could a guy not be hungry with all this talk about eating? 当大家都谈吃的,谁能不饿呢?
Where's the bag with the chicken salad sandwiches? 放鸡肉色拉三明治的袋子在哪?
Right here, next to the ice packs. Here. 就在这,在冰袋旁边。这儿。
Put the tablecloth on the picnic table, 将桌巾铺在餐桌上,
and I will bring the cola and the plastic cups. 我拿可乐和塑胶杯来。
Well, how do you like it so far? 好了,到现在为止你们感觉怎么样?
I've never been more relaxed. 我从来没有这样轻松过。
Me, neither. 我也没有。
I wish we had brought Michelle, Harry. 我真希望你们带了Michelle来,Harry。
She would have loved it. 她会喜欢的。
Oh, you're right. 哦,说得对。
I wish we had brought Max. 我也希望我们带了Max来。
Marilyn, Susan, let's not begin to worry about Michelle and Max. Marilyn,Susan, 不要开始担心Michelle和Max。
We're having a good time, and they're in good hands. 我们玩得快乐,他们也得到很好的照顾。
Richard is right. Richard是对的。
Are you having a good time, Susan? 玩得高兴吗,Susan?
You haven't answered my question. 你还没有回答我的问题呢。
I am having a good time, Harry. 我玩得很高兴,Harry。
I promise not to think about the city. 我保证不去想城里的事。
We're in the country. 我们在乡村。
Let's all just enjoy this wonderful place 让我们大家都来享受这个美妙的地方
and this wonderful weather. 和这种美妙天气吧。
Good. 好。
This is heaven, Harry! 这简直是上帝过得日子,Harry!
It was such a great idea to spend the weekend this way. 这样过周末的主意简直太棒了。
Thanks, Susan. 谢谢,Susan。
I thought you'd all like it. 我料想你们都会喜欢的。
Like it? 喜欢?
I love it! 我爱上它了!
Listen to the sounds of the summer that surround us. 仔细倾听环绕我们的夏夜声息。
It's so calming. 好宁静。
I've always liked camping out. 我一直喜欢露营。
Away from the telephones and account books. 远离电话和帐本。
It's refreshing for me. 这是我提起精神的方法。
I always go back to the city in a wonderful state of mind. 我再回到城市时,精神总是十分饱满。
We've only been here for a day, 我们到这儿仅仅一天,
and I've completely forgotten about all my business problems. 但我已经抛开了我所有的业务上的问题。
The office seems so far away. 办公室好像变得那么遥远。
I'm glad you like it, Susan. 我很高兴你喜欢它,Susan。
We'll spend many more weekends like this. 我们以后要多度几次这样的周末。
And next time we'll bring Michelle. 下次我们会带Michelle来。
I wish she were here with us to enjoy the country. 我真希望现在她就和我们在一起享受这乡村美景。
And next time we'll bring Michelle. 下次我们带Michelle来。
Just listen to the sound. 听听这些声音。
It's so soothing. 是这样的安详。
I can hardly keep my eyes open. 我简直睁不开眼睛了。
If only we could bottle the fresh air. 要是我们能用瓶子将新鲜空气装回去多好。
Wouldn't it be wonderful? 那样岂不是太美妙了吗?
We could call it "Deep Sleep Country Air." 我们可以称它为“沉睡的乡村空气” 。
It puts you to sleep. 它让你很想入睡。
So does the sound. 这些声音便是。
I've been having a hard time keeping my eyes open 我一直挣扎着要让双眼睁开
just listening to it. 听着这些声音时。
It's like a special music. 它就像是一种特别的音乐。
Too bad we can't bottle the sound. 不能将声音装进瓶里真是太可惜了。
But we can! 但我们能!
Can what? 能做什么?
Bottle the sound. 将声音装起来呀。
What are you talking about? 在说什么?
Oh, yeah? 噢,做什么?
Great idea! 好主意!
Let's do it! 我们来录!

Put away your worries.
Put away your cares.
Let's leave our work behind us.
Let's get away somewhere.
Let's pack up what we need, enough for a weekend stay.
Let's go on a camping trip,
'cause we all need to get away.
We'll bring some hot dogs with us, burgers and ketchup, too.
Don't forget the mustard,
because we're going to have a barbecue.
We'll pitch our tents right by the woods, and we'll enjoy the view.
The sights and sounds of the country
are waiting for me and you.
We'll set up our tents over there by the edge of the woods.
Then we'll be able to make our fire there where it's safe.
We'll cook our dinner every night over an open fire.
We'll go fishing on the lake, if we can get a boat for hire.
And if there's any problem--
something we don't know about--
park rangers are always there,
they'll always help us out.
We can walk a hiking trail.
There's a lot to see out there.
We can pick some flowers.
You can wear them in your hair.
So pack up your hiking boots,
'cause you have to dress up right.
And don't forget a lantern,
'cause it gets real dark at night.
There's always something going on.
There's plenty for us to do.
The sights and sounds of the country are waiting for me and you.

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